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Crysis 3: Deluxe Edition v1.3 2013 Repack R.G. Revenants

Crysis 3: Deluxe Edition v1.3 2013 Repack R.G. Revenants
Year: 2013 | PC | Language: Eng RUs Pol | Developer: Crytek | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 8.48 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Crysis 3 continues the famous series of shooters from Crytek. The game is set in 2047, and you have to play the role of the Prophet. He returned to New York, where he learns that the city is under a dome Nanodome, which was created by a corporation CELL Residents report that Nanodome necessary for their protection and cleaning of the metropolis last tsefov, but, in fact, its construction is part of a secret operation to capture technologies for world domination. Donning improved Nanosuit and armed with a deadly bow and destructive alien technology, Prophet will prevent the insidious plans CELL and destroy the remaining aliens.


Seven wonders. New York, covered with a huge dome, turned into a real urban jungle. Master in seven areas and turn them into their hunting grounds.
Assess the situation, adapt and attack. Get ready for more open levels and improved Nanosuit, giving players even more freedom. Proceed secretly or go ahead - only you can decide how to proceed.
Superior multiplayer. Experiment with equipment nanokostyuma and enjoy new game modes.
The most deadly arsenal in the history of the series. In addition to the powerful of the earth means of destruction in Crysis 3 is waiting for you captured alien weapons and gorgeous bow.
Find your way, or Build it yourself! Our customization system allows to do something, and more.
Evolution of CryENGINE. The improved version of the engine CryENGINE allows to realize all ideas of the creative team to create a luxurious and Crytek graphics and exciting gameplay of variability.

Features Digital Deluxe:

"The publication« Crysis 3: Hunter Edition »- main game Crysis 3 c early access to the new bow" Predator "camouflage, reconnaissance boom and Hunter Nanosuit to be used in multiplayer games, as well as increasing the bonus experience to level 5 and three medallions themed "The Hunter."
"Set" Weapons of Mass Destruction "- Unlock the staggering firepower submachine gun Typhoon and spoil the ranks of the enemy. Spewing 500 bursts per second, Typhoon allows players to ignite the all-around in the fight for Liberty Dome. The set also includes two exclusive medallion and camouflage for the Typhoon.
"Set" Stalker "- For players who prefer a watch for prey from behind a corner, set Stalker provides early access to lethal semi-automatic shotgun Jackal. It is a powerful melee weapon equipped with a silencer unique and comes in a camouflage and with two exclusive themed medallions.
"A set of" Predator "- Get early access to the submachine gun and the Panther exclusive camouflage in a multiplayer game. Thanks to the excellent rate of fire and a 60 round magazine, Panther is highly lethal and causes damage in the melee.
"Access to the Gauss rifle in a camouflage on the first day - a weapon of the future uses coils to shoot bursts with incredible speed and devastating defeat. Get it from day one.
"Sheathing for SCAR - Rate classic trim U.S. Marines
"Crysis 3 Soundtrack - 30 tunes from the game 

Features RePack'a:

Do not cut / no recoded
Game Version v1.3
Unpacked some of the resources
Any combination of text and ozvuchek
Configurator advanced settings
Installation time ~ 30-35 minutes
RePack by R.G. Revenants

Breakdown of 2 DVD-5

1 # DVD5 - Data01.dat / Data02.dat / Data03.dat / Autorun.inf / Setup.exe
2 # DVD5 - Data04.dat / Data05.dat / Data06.dat / folder Redist

Save the settings and files in the folder with the game
The ability to download the desired voice acting:
Data07-en.dat - English voice
Data07-ru.dat - Russian voice

Minimum system requirements:

- Operating system: Windows Vista (SP 2) 7/8
- Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-750 or 2.7 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 805
- RAM: 4096 MB
- Free space on HDD: 11 100 MB
- Video card: compatible with DirectX 11, with 1 GB of memory (NVidia GTX560, AMD Radeon HD5870 or better)



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